Below are genuine comments made about our products by YOU, our customers...

"...Dear Gini, many thanks for my two new shirts, arrived when you said and perfect as ever. I will be ordering more next year, looking forward to seeing you at the shows next season..."

Mary Eveleigh - Parkgate, Cheshire

"...Bonjour, I received my packet yesterday and was very pleased with my two shirts. I wore the pink one at work today and all the women congratulated me. I'll probably buy some others next year. Once more thank you..."

Michel Senal - International visitor at The CLA Game FairĀ 

"...The trousers are wonderful, they have revolutionised my life. Even my Dad, from his hospital bed, commented on how good my trousers looked - I was wearing the beige ones at the time ! Thank you very much for your help..."

Kay Lance - Shirelow, Shropshire

"...In this age of instant everything it is just ever so refreshing to encounter people who are still willing to go the extra mile as it were. I know, of course, that there are still many individuals and companies across the globe that can, and do produce excellent quality goods.

It is my experience however, that most of these things are out of reach to all, but those with the deepest of pockets. The Mole Hole seems to have hit a perfect balance. Exceptional quality at a reasonable cost.

I thank you again for a fine quality garment and hopefully doing custom again in the future. My very best wishes to you and all the various and sundry moles..."

James Cumming - Barrie, Ontario, Canada

"...I have just tried on my lovely new moleskin waistcoat. It is beautiful! Thank you so much for this garment. It is everything I hoped it would be. The fabric, the colour, the fit, the attention to detail is just perfect. It arrived safe and sound. Not one tiny mole hair out of place.

This is a superb article and I am very pleased..."

James Cumming - Barrie, Ontario, Canada